How to Fish With Artificial Shrimp Lures

How to Fish With Artificial Shrimp Lures

There is nothing in the ocean that will not eat a shrimp.

 I have always loved fishing with live shrimp.  They are one of the best baits to use no matter what you are fishing for.  But having live shrimp always at the ready can be a pain in the ass.

 With the quality of todays artificial shrimp its easy to have a natural lifelike shrimp always in your tackle box. 


There are two primary ways to rig an artificial shrimp.  The simplest would be to just tie the lure right to the leader.  This works great with topwater or jigging retrieves.  The second is to tie the shrimp lure under a popping cork.   The size of the leader beneath the cork and shrimp should match the water depth and your target fish’s feeding zone.


Remember that the more line you have in the water the more you should let the lure drop after each pop of the popping cork.  It also helps to use a scent to draw the fish in like Mike’s Shrimp Gel Scent.  This will only enhance the quality of the artificial lure you are using.


Legal Limit Bait Box’s artificial shrimp lures mimic a shrimp swimming backwards in a fleeing motion, which we have found to be the most effective.  That is why we feel the best way to use these lures is under a popping cork.  Retrieve the rig at a faster pace and let the lure settle between pops for best results. 

The loud sound of a popping cork helps attract fish from farther away.  That is another reason why we prefer to use one when fishing our artificial shrimp lures.


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