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5pc/lot "Hopper Popper" Fishing Lures Set

5pc/lot "Hopper Popper" Fishing Lures Set

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Leagl Limit's Hopper Poppers are one of the most realistic grasshopper imitators on the market today.  Can be used as a crankbait or a topwater lure.  

There is not a fish in the water that will not eat a grasshopper.  Bass, bluegills, trout and other fish love grasshoppers and the "Hopper Poppers".  

This lure is designed to do one thing.  And thats catch fish.  Catch more fish in a week than you used to catch in a year!  With the "Hopper Poppers". 

Great for fishing streams, rivers, ponds and even large lakes.  It comes with 5 different colors so that you can match color to the warter/area your fishing.

  • Universal appeal to all gamefish
  • Super-realistic grasshopper profile
  • Needle-sharp trebel hooks

Length: 4cm/1.6 inches
Weight: 3grams


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