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8 Segment Bass Blasting Swimbaits

8 Segment Bass Blasting Swimbaits

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If you're looking to catch huge bass then this is the perfect lure.  This 5 1/2 inch 8 segmented lure is going to take your bass fishing game to the next level. 

It comes with two super sharp treble hooks to make sure once the fish is hooked its not coming off.  You will find it hard to actually lose a fish with these lures.

With 8 segments it provides super lifelike action.  Creates a softer and more natural swimming action that fish just can't resist.  Add in the high resolution body detail and you can see why these lures are a game changer.

Pick your colors and hit the yes button to get yours today!  If you want to add more than one color to your cart just hit the back button/arrow on your browser and add the new color to your cart.  

bass fishing lure


3D realistic looking eyes and body make it a lifelike fish.  Are you tired of not catching BIG fish that you always wanted to catch?

8 segment bass fishing lure


Streamlined Design reduces wind resistance during casting.

Different colors and patterns to match any fishing environment


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