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BaitBallX™ Crankbait Lures

BaitBallX™ Crankbait Lures

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Looking to catch monster fish?  The BaitBallX™ crankbait lures are hot!  The look of a yearling bait ball draws in a wide variety of fish.  At 4.5" long these are really set up for lunkers.

5 colors to choose from or you can grab a 5pack and test out all 5.  Having a variety means you have the right color for the fish, water and weather that day.  

The 3 treble hook design means no more fish lost at the boat.  Once they are hooked the are not getting off the hook.  Each hook is size 4.  No more lost fish.

These could be your new secret weapon!  Test these in your local waters today!


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