Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight

Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight

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Why Do You Need Shadowhawk Tactical Torch?

  • Out in the wilderness or at home with your family, you always want a tactical torch on hand that you can trust to work when you need it when emergencies happen. You also need a good one if your job depends on you seeing clearly in dark places such as firemen, police officers, military personnel, survivalists, hikers, campers, and anyone in between. Most of these professionals will even demand that you have a torch as an everyday carry (EDC) .
  • A tactical light is something you do not know you need until you need it. You will be amazed by how much you use it if you always keep one on you. Danger lurks in the dark. Violent crimes happen at night or in dark places. A good, high-quality light will let you or your loved one see what is around them. The right torch can brighten an entire dark alley or parking lot, making them safer. Plus, our tac flashlight is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. You can use them as a weapon to blind your attacker, if necessary.
  • Our tactical torches are not the same cheap plastic ones of yesteryear. Developed for the military in times of war, these sturdy portable devices work when you need them. Most use durable, waterproof, aircraft-grade aluminum with shock-proof LED bulbs, battery chamber, and electronics. Though you can still find a few torch brands and models that sport incandescent and xenon bulbs, LEDs give you over 50000 hours or 5 years of continuous use.

Attention Please:
  • Please do not point the flashlight in anyone’s eyes directly;
  • Please charge the battery before it is exhausted;
  • Remove the plastic film on the battery when you first time use. (Your understanding will be much appreciated.)
  • If your flashlights are used infrequently, e.g., once a month or less, it is recommend to remove the batteries and store them separately.This helps guard against corrosion and may also prolong batteries life.


What is included in this kit ???
  • 1x Shadowhawk J5 flashlight
  • 1x Shadowhawk 18650 original Lion rechargeable battery
  • 1x USB Charger And USB Cable
  • 1x 18650 battery tube & AAA battery holder
  • 1x Shadowhawk gift box
  • 1x Shadowhawk keychain lamp