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5Pcs Large Frog Topwater Fishing Lure

5Pcs Large Frog Topwater Fishing Lure

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I’ve been a topwater fanatic for years, but no other variety of topwater baits  – not prop baits, not stickbaits, not chuggers or buzzbaits or crawlers – outperforms these funny-looking critters when bass are stationed beneath matted vegetation. Cast one into the worst tangle of weeds you can find, and you can maneuver and dance it right back out if a bass doesn’t clobber it first.


  Quantity: 5pcs

Lure body length: Approx.2.36" 

 1 Net Weight:Approx.13g

 They create life-like swimming action in water, Smooth and rapid diving action, Bright colors to attract big fish and 3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool. 

  • Comes with 2 sharp treble hooks. 
  • Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling. 

 Package includes:

 5pcs Frog Fishing Lures

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