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SpiderbaitX™ Fishing Lures

SpiderbaitX™ Fishing Lures

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Introducing the SpiderbaitX™!  With ultra realistic features.  The lifelike, consistent action and patterns make this lure irresistible for fish. 

Each order comes with colors shown, if you order 10 lures its 2 of each color for a total of 10 lures.

These lures are designed to perfection.  The SpiderbaitX™ features a hollow body weedless design and walking legs that stride, glide and twitch as the spider is worked across the water surface.  

Bright lifelike colors to really grab the attention of big fish!

Size is 3" Long and Weighs .35KG

Styling: A bait designed to mimic a spider
Material: PVC
Size: 8 cm * 8 cm
Total number: 5 PCS
Weight: 0.35 kg

Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body, durable and super soft, it can withstand all the violent strikes.
All Day Lure: Ideal fishing lure for anytime of the day - morning, noon and night.
Double Hook Design:2 High Strength hook design to secure capture on topwater strikes.
Brilliant Natural Spider Pattern, durable ABS material and sharper hooks. Lifelike patterns, create lifelike action to attract in both saltwater and freshwater.


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