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"Bass Kickin Frog" Topwater Lure

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The "Bass Kickin Frog" will be your new secret weapon to consistently catch fish.  Its rotating tail spits water on the surface creating some insane burst's.  It's called the "Bass Kicker" because it attracts so many fish its almost unfair..

Super great to cast, it allows you to cover large grass and flat area's.  It's very easy to use.  It works great at a variety of speeds so even a beginner can get the rhythm down in just a few casts.

It has a built in rattle that basically draws in any hungry fish in the area.  

Want to take your fishing to a whole new level?  Then grab a "Bass Kicken Frog"  Today and test it in your local waters.  

Weight: 11g
Length: 9cm
Hooks: 2 High Carbon Steel Treble Fishing Hook

Because of the high demand for this product please allow 10-21 business days for delivery.