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9pack - Amazing ShrimpBaitX™ Fishing Lures

9pack - Amazing ShrimpBaitX™ Fishing Lures

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Comes with 3 of each color shown for a total of 9 lures.

These incredible shrimp lures with a luminous bead creates life-like swimming action in the water, grabbing the attention of fish. These lures will help you catch more fish and save you some money.  We offer a 100% Money back guarantee on these lures.  If your not happy we will take them back.

✅ FACT - Live shrimp is VERY expensive.  At this discounted price these will save you a lot of money in the long run!  If the fish are hitting you will not run out.

✅ FACT - Live shrimp needs to be kept alive, and not just thrown in a bucket of water.  It needs to be oxygenated.  These you can just throw in your tackle box and use them when you need to.

✅ FACT - Live shrimp is very messy.  When you jam a hook through a live shrimp your hands will be full of slime and guts.  Maybe even your clothes.  Our shrimp lures  are clean and easy.  Grab your tackle box and your good to go and you wont get covered in blood and slime.


  • With one hook, very sharp and durable.
  • Perfect for fishing freshwater or saltwater
  • Using environmentally-friendly PVC material, reusable and long-term preserved.
  • Suitable for different kinds of fish that are over 0.8 lb
  • Length is 3" and weighs 7 grams

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