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5pack of Amazing TailPopperX™ Fishing Lures

5pack of Amazing TailPopperX™ Fishing Lures

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A Better Way To Catch Big Fish With Topwater Fishing...

  • 15x MORE HOOKUPS than a Normal Fishing Lure
  • ROATATING TAIL Creates Disturbance on the surface for huge blow ups
  • SHINY ROTATING SPOON Reflects Light to Attract Fish
  • Comes with all 5 colors shown!

"The BIGGEST Blow-Ups You Have Ever Seen..."

bass blow ups

The Tail Popper X™ can be used at a variety of speeds. At a crawl you can see the shiny spoon reflecting through the water.  At a faster pace the rotating tail throws water with a plopping sound that is telling all the hungry fish in the area "Come and Get it".

It casts so smoothly that you can cover huge area's of large grass and flats.

The Rotating Tail Attracts the Fish For You!

5 Great Colors!


Super Easy To Use!

Ready To Go Right out of the Box...

Take Your Fishing To Another Level Today!

Get Your Tail Popper X™ Now!

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